Harvest Moon

Blues, Blacks and White,
Bounce from the ponds reflection,
Four a.m. in New England,
But still need welders’ glasses,
Like a Tim Burton Movie

Lights switched to “full moon”,
God reminds me of his splendor and control,
Nature and man, his most beautiful work,
How can we adore it more than this?
Stark light and darkness mixed; too many images to describe.

Return to bed, awake another night,
Now subtle lights appear,
The jailhouse bars appear above me,
Gentle reflections wave from an invisible pond,
Soothing all those that lie behind.

 So gentle is his touch and message,
Projected on my ceiling, relaxing yet powerful,
The bars grow long as the shadow moves over,
Indicating daylight will come soon for all,
Then disappear as dawn takes its rightful place.


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