Father Power

Don’t you get that attitude,
I told you once before,
Listen to your mother now,
She’s there; now close the door.

Just because I’m here right now,
Don’t mean I love you less,
Listen for the evening breeze,
Each gust will bear my kiss.

Every Day in every Way,
I worry, fret and fuss,
Just because you are the one,
Who keeps my love A plus.

Day by Day, you get so big,
The world just beams at you,
And every time your birthday comes,
My love grows bigger too.

So don’t be sad, Oh little ones,
Sitting by the road,
Dad will come and love you soon,
A kiss, a hug, an ode.

And when you have this moment free,
Listen for the breeze,
That’s Dad again, our special hug,
Right there, I’ll always be.

Copyright Michael J. Cunningham
Inspired by the Father’s Group at Shirley MCI Prison Massachusetts

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