The Wind That Shakes the Barley II

A single stalk of barley me,

Waving at my end.

I need support and love for sure,

To stay upright, not bend.


But grow I must and sun did shine,

Despite my weakened soil.

I knew no richness in my youth

And grew up on the boil.


I listened for the sound of wind,

That softness on my ear.

It never came, but slowly then,

Deafness did appear.


At last one day the wind did come,

With thunder and alarm.

Pushing, shoving, driving rain,

Great Pressure on the farm.


Now then, this lonely stalk,

Can’t manage on my own.

But with a sheaf of friends nearby,

I’ll never be alone.


So stand strong now, a time has come,

When pain has almost passed.

To reach above and praise the Lord,

A Spirit that will last.


So fields of gold, sun kissed now,

Ablaze with setting sun.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley,

From God with Love has come.

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