The Prodigal Son

A gift of the marriage,
A son born so soon,
The boy with a brother,
Two beautiful blooms.

But just like some plants,
They grew up the same,
Yet strangely apart,
The devil’s new game.

I’ll take what I can,
From this short little life.
Some women, and wine,
And see what it’s like.

So using the money,
From Father’s hard toil,
I used others bodies,
And minds I did spoil.

God let me loose,
On everything worldly,
Life was a game,
No recourse to surly.  

Until one day,
The devil was done.
He had taken my mind,
My pride, and his Son.

A lonely new place,
So dark and so cold,
Satan 10 points,
And I had to fold.

With no friends and help,
I cried out so loud,
Dear Lord direct me,
I need you somehow.

Return to your Father,
He waits by the Door,
The welcome return,
Alone be no more.

The father ran thrashing,
The fields with his feet,
The return of the his beloved,
Son from the street.

The wrap of those arms,
So loving and warm,
Secured the lost son,
A boy now transformed.

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